Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the 10-member body that makes final decisions about the RTA’s operations.  


The RTA envisions a region with sufficient and stable funding to support improved public transit options that will advance equity by increasing accessibility; satisfy the integrated mobility needs of Southeast Michigan communities; and promote livable, healthy, and sustainable growth. 

Enabling Legislation

The RTA was created by Public Act No. 387 of 2012. 

The Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) is an agency with the mission to manage and secure transportation resources that significantly enhance mobility options, to improve quality of lifefor the residents and to increase economic viability for the region. 

Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan

Board of Directors

RTA’s 10-member board is appointed for three-year terms by the county executives of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, the chair of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners, the Mayor of Detroit, and the Governor of Michigan. The Governor’s appointee serves as chair and without a vote.  

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Enabling Legislation

The RTA was created by the Michigan Legislature with Public Act No. 387 of 2012. Below are the pieces of Michigan legislation that created and enabled the Regional Transit Authority. 

What we Do

RTA plans, funds, coordinates, and accelerates regional transit services, projects, and programs in Southeast Michigan, which comprises all of Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties, including the City of Detroit. Within these roles, RTA is responsible for leading regional transit planning, developing and implementing new services, allocating federal and state funding to transit service operators, and securing new regional funding sources for public transit. 

Serving a unique role in the region, RTA pools resources and generates ideas to solve decades-long public transit challenges in Southeast Michigan and tackles difficult shared problems that riders have identified as deficiencies in the regional network. By plugging these gaps, RTA advances transit as a more equitable, reliable, and inviting mode of transportation for all people in the region and paves the way for future shared mobility developments. 

Who we are

The RTA believes the people and communities of Southeast Michigan deserve a more equitable, reliable, and effective public transit system. An accessible transit system is critical public infrastructure that is necessary to foster a livable, climate-resilient, and thriving region. A champion for everyone, RTA envisions Southeast Michigan as a welcoming place where all people can enjoy access to opportunity, recreation, and community through connected transit. 

The Board of Directors is the 10-member body that makes final decisions about the RTA’s operations. Most actions that the RTA takes require a board vote, sometimes resulting in an official resolution. The Board also represents each of the RTA’s five Member Jurisdictions. 


Eight board members, appointed by County Executives or County Commission chairs, represent the four RTA counties: Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne. Each county appoints two board members. The Mayor of Detroit appoints one board member. The Governor of Michigan appoints a non-voting board chair. Board members serve for three-year terms. 


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The RTA has full-time staff who carry out the agency’s responsibilities, operations, and programs. The team is comprised of individuals with extensive experience in transit and Southeast Michigan government—and who are subject matter experts in the field. 


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The RTA facilitates two independent advisory groups, the Providers Advisory Committee and the Citizens Advisory Committee. 


Providers Advisory Committee 


The Providers Advisory Council is composed of two members appointed by each public transportation provider in the region. The PAC may make recommendations about coordination, funding, plans, specialized services, and more.  

Citizens Advisory Committee 

The CAC advises the RTA on transit issues related to their communities, makes suggestions for improvements in transit service, and advocates for greater funding for public transportation. Join the CAC today! 

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