Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan.

RTA’s mission is to manage and secure transportation resources that significantly enhance mobility options, to improve quality of life for the residents and to increase economic viability for the region.

Citizens Advisory Council Application Deadline

We are extending the Citizens Advisory Council application deadline. Please click here for information on the CAC and for the membership application.

5310 Call For Projects

The Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities program (Section 5310), administered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), supports transportation services planned, designed, and carried out to address the specific needs of older adults and people with disabilities. The RTA is the designated recipient of Section 5310 funds apportioned by FTA to the Detroit and Ann Arbor urbanized areas (UZAs).

Applications for funding in this first cycle of the new regional process are due on May 5, 2021, no later than 5:00 p.m.

Regional Transit Briefing Book

The RTA has recently compiled a Regional Transit Briefing Book that seeks to provide the community with a baseline understanding of existing transit services, recently completed and ongoing projects, the overall benefits of regional transit, and the Vision, Goals, and Strategies that will support the upcoming Regional Master Transit Plan update. Please take a look at the Briefing Book here

Detroit to Ann Arbor Express Bus Service

The RTA is in the process of considering how we can safely bring the Detroit to Ann Arbor Express Bus pilot (D2A2) service back online. Please fill out this survey to let us know your current travel preferences on the Ann Arbor to Detroit corridor. This will help us to determine the current potential market for the service.

New Submissions: RTA Transit Diaries

The RTA Transit Diaries are a public forum for transit riders to showcase the heartwarming, fun and sometimes quirky stories. Check out what riders are saying now.

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