Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is a type of urban development that maximizes the amount of residential, business, and leisure space within walking distance of public transport. For Southeast Michigan, while TOD has been a key planning framework for corridors such as Woodward Avenue (in Detroit and Oakland County) and Washtenaw Avenue (in Washtenaw County), there has not been a region-wide understanding of and commitment to this strategic opportunity. Rather than replacing TOD, the concept of Mobility-Oriented Development (MOD) can build upon and expand the impact of TOD planning principles by creating not only vibrant station areas but also “mobility hubs” that can facilitate needed connections in a broader geography via a variety of different transportation modes. The MOD plan will allow transit providers, local governments, and transportation agencies to have a framework for coordinating development and mobility improvements with the goal of providing the citizens of the region better access to core regional transit services.




      • Project Kick-Off: August 2019
      • Data Collection and Understanding Existing Conditions: August 2019 – March 2020
      • Real Estate and Market Analysis: October 2019 – April 2020
      • Stakeholder Visioning Workshops: February – March 2020
      • Development of Station Typologies and Readiness Analysis: March – May 2020
      • Mobility Analysis: March – May 2020
      • Stakeholder Action Planning Workshops: June – July 2020
      • Development of Final Action Plan: July – September 2020

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