Why a mobility wallet?

History of the mobility wallet pilot

In March 2023, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced awardees for a mobility wallet pilot program. RTA, Ecolane, and Feonix–Mobility Rising won funds to develop mobility wallet solutions.

The unique element of the RTA solution is that partners will take a phased human-centered design approach to this challenge due to the diversity of mobility options that are being integrated, the existing fare technology involved, and the scale of the mobility equity issues for potential wallet users.

The pilot is in development and will launch in spring 2024 to a small group of users.

Phase 1

Program Design

  • Partners: participate in working meeting, assist in recruiting potential users for interviews
    • Purpose:

■ Define program parameters and policies (work with Financial Task Force to develop a Merchant of Record structure and agreement)

■ Develop preferred technology architecture based on program needs and existing technology (includes a Data Privacy and Protection Plan)

■ Define performance metrics and testing protocols

■ Develop RFP


phase 2

Vendor Selection

  • Partners: review RFP submissions, participate in scoring
    • Purpose:
      • Federally compliant procurement provide funding flexibility for program enhancement and expansion
      • Partners have researched or met with 10+ potential vendors, ensuring a competitive process

Phase 3

Pilot Deployment

  • Partners: participate in regular technical group meetings and quarterly status meetings
    • Purpose:
      • Select and recruit pilot group (minimum target is 50 Detroiters that participate in workforce programs; 25,000+ Detroiters are in the UWSEM and DESC programs)
      • Deploy subsidy and wallet application technology
      • Scale to more participants (max 500)
      • Evaluate project

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