Mobility Wallet PILOT Features

The solution

Easy. Accessible. Innovative.

Users can use a digital account or a dedicated bank card provided by RTA, making it easy to pay for transit.

Having a centralized payment method eliminates the need for transfer fares and eliminates duplicative payments.

Having one primary method of payment allows transit agencies to consider capping monthly fares at a certain amount, ensuring riders qualify for eligible savings.

Community Impact


The Mobility Wallet has the potential to greatly enhance accessible transportation for the residents of Southeast Michigan. This could translate into improved access to public transit options, shorter travel times, and increased mobility for those who rely on public transportation.


In order to improve the overall commuter experience, we are exploring the development and implementation of user-friendly apps that use real-time transit information, and that are able to streamline payment systems.


Improving the efficacy of the public transportation system can bring about significant economic benefits for the region. It has the potential to attract businesses and residents and offer more affordable and easy to use transportation options for workers, thereby supporting economic growth.


Ensuring that reliable transportation is inclusive of all community members, regardless of their socio-economic status, abilities, or background, can play a crucial role in promoting equity and inclusion.


Development toward more cost-effective transportation options can help reduce financial burden on residents. This is especially crucial for individuals and families who rely on public transit for their daily commuting needs.


Our approach to the Mobility Wallet presents an opportunity to gather valuable lessons learned regarding transportation patterns and preferences in the region. This information can be utilized to inform future planning and policy decisions concerning transportation infrastructure and services, paving the way for a more efficient and effective transportation system.


Improved public transportation can enhance the region's attractiveness as a destination for tourists and potential new residents. It can also contribute to an improved quality of life for current residents by offering more convenient travel options for leisure and daily activities.

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